• wedSB Inside Interview: Anna Edsall, owner of Anna’s Aesthetics

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    wedSB Inside Interview with Anna Edsall, owner of Anna’s Aesthetics

    Wedding Makeup by Anna's Aesthetics in Santa Barbara, CA

    Wedding Makeup by Anna’s Aesthetics in Santa Barbara, CA

    wedSB: Please tell us about yourself, your background and how you began Anna’s Aesthetics…

    Anna Edsall: I went to esthetics school 5 years ago at the Aveda Institute in Seattle.  While there I soaked up all the education about skin and caring for the skin that was available to me.  I learned the basics of esthetics and makeup in school and went off on my own shortly after.  That summer after school in my hometown of Sun Valley, I started meeting with brides and getting booked a plethora of wedding makeup.  Having a beautiful backdrop with a busy booming beauty business was a wonderful introduction into the field of aesthetics.  After landing in Santa Barbara 4 years ago I started working at Ibiza Hair Design where I got many more hours of practice on brides and regulars alike.  Constantly educating my self on the latest in fashion and runway makeup, the trends in skincare and the beauty industry has kept my eye fresh and eager to seek out more.  I started working at Float Luxury Spa this year and I couldn’t be happier.  Float is a full service spa offering the best in massage, facials, and body treatments.  I have been able to learn so much while working here, and would love to pass on my knowledge and passion for skincare and makeup on to you!

    wedSB: You offer both makeup and tanning services, how does this work for a bride getting married in the Santa Barbara area?  

    Anna Edsall: Both of my services are mobile, meaning I have the set up to come to your house or hotel.  A couple days before the wedding I would suggest getting a tan.  I can go however light or dark you want, so really its just about as custom as it gets.  I like to meet with my makeup clients a few weeks before, maybe on the day they are doing other wedding consultations.  This gives us a chance to communicate and practice exactly what they are envisioning, and really get clear with what we will be creating.  Pictures are great, I am always open to fun and different ideas as well as more traditional, but I find the consultation part is a helpful way to make the day of, really smooth and stress free.

    wedSB: Bridal makeup is essential, what kind of makeup techniques and products do you use?

    Anna Edsall: I use mostly GloMinerals and Nars makeup.  My kit is mixed with a little bit of everything but those are my two primary brands.  Being by the beach, I have found that most brides in Santa Barbara want a really fresh, natural look.  That starts with a flawless, glowing complexion and then the rest is icing on the cake.  My whole method is taking natural beauty and kicking it up a few notches.  Looking beautiful in photos but also face to face is always my goal.

    wedSB: Tanning can be tricky, what spray tan method do you use and why did you choose it?  

    Anna Edsall: I use a brand out of Southern California called Sjolie. They have been in the industry awhile now and have really been great to work with.  While researching different product lines, I really wanted to go with something as natural and organic as possible.  Sjolie is 100% organic, vegan, and their solution comes from a natural source (sugar cane, or sugar beets), and it doesn’t have the odor that other tanning solutions have.  Many people have sensitivities to products put on their skin, so I wanted to find something that was gentle and hypoallergenic.  So far, I have had really positive results.

    wedSB: Can you offer any advice for brides on make-up and tanning for their wedding day? Any DOs and DONT’s?

    Anna Edsall: I always suggest to my brides to get on some kind of regular skincare routine in the months and weeks before their wedding day.  Getting regular facials as well as a customized home regimen will help eliminate any last minute surprises.  DON’T go in the tanning bed EVER.  Also, again meeting with your hair and makeup team before to really get clear about not only your look, but scheduling, pricing etc. is always a good idea.  Other than that don’t forget to have a snack and a sip of champagne before we put your lips on!

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    Wedding Makeup by Anna's Aesthetics

    Wedding Makeup by Anna’s Aesthetics